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winking dachsie

Mac, the winking dachsie!

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Sewing Dachshunds


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I entertain myself with several hobbies: gardening, sewing, dachshunds, computers & photography. My two children, Lewis & Clark (Mac & Tosh have since traveled to the rainbow bridge summer '04 & '05) love snow sniffing in their Montana home. Our backyard is Glacier National Park in Northwest Montana.    

Two dachshunds

Mac 'n Tosh looking at you!


Lewis and Clark

I have a Mac PowerBook G4 and Pfaff 7570 &1475 sewing machines. My Pfaffs have memory, a password and a serial port. Pfaffs have a computer interface so that I can create my own decorative stitches and large frame embroideries with digitizing software and then download them to the PCMCIA card in the sewing machine.

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