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What you need to know about your Pfaff. Contributed by Pfaffies around the world for both PC and Mac platforms. Enjoy!

1473 thru 7570 models


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Digitizing Lessons Embroidery Unit 1473 & non-hoop Pfaffs
Digitizing Tips General Information  Accessories, cable, feet, manuals, new 8/16/2017

Hoop Software 
Embroidery formats Internet & Pfaffies  Thread
 Troubleshooting 7570   SM Tips & reference  Projects with directions 


Pfaff Accessories

Pfaff 7570 manual- free d/l new 8/16/2017
Pfaff SewUSA manuals
Prevent needle drop & breakage
Ann Greene Eyelet foot 4k
Gail Ford Fantasy Carry Case

Creative Program sheet 2.3MB7
Batteries 1475 & 7570 Manual
Light Bulb 1474
Light Bulb 7570

PC Designer for Windows and Mac OS 9

Gayle Farr Sporadic foot pedal 1.5MB new 11/22/06
Multi uses for feet14k
Miracle Foot
Pfaff cables for Mac 85k
Wiring diagram for pfaff cable
7570 Extension cable
Where to buy replacement 1475/7560/7570
         Pfaff cable new 1/18/2007
Make it yourself thread stand

--FileMaker Pro to index designs--

Why use FM database?
Design catalog zip template includes all Prodigy indexed+ with pictures (608k zip,
    3MB expanded)
What one record looks like. 70k
d/l Mac or WIN trial FM version

Embroidery File Formats

D. Moynihan Embroidery 13k
Rudolf Viet coding info for file formats


Don Kinlock Thread fixes12k
Bobbin 8k
Burmilana/Luny 3k
Embroidery, general 8k
Metalics 3k
Weight 2k
1473 -7570 non-hoop stuff
1475 <---> 7570 Chart 25k
Prodigy Stitches 1000+ pcd,pcq 1MB
Sashiko stitch.pcd
Serpentine stitch.pcd
Creative Designer programing sheet 535kb

Glynda Black [RIP 5/2011]  Page is gonelinks are the cached ones. Recommend saving a PDF to your own computer before cached pages are also gone.  Creative Designer  ; Crazy quilt block ; Creative Pfaff Programming paperback ; P-memories; Bits & Pieces Tips

Cindy Losekamp's books
Evelyn Korff's Easy 9mm keyboard stitches
Paula's Purse pattern 1.6mb new 10/9/07
How to make lace vest
How to make a patch
Toilet Paper embroidery
Paula's Swirled fleece hat
Paula's Denim Tote bag 61k
Lessons: Digitizing
M. Lightner: Make a patch
Evelyn Korff's Curve B fill 27k
Frieda Devine's Digitizing lessons 33k

Amy Webster Starter lessons
Amy/s List Digibuddies

Bernice Ramsey
advanced digitizing lessons 60k

For sale on ebay sometimes:
Patti Porter's PCD & Me Finally, a complete workbook that teaches you how to use Pfaff's PC-Designer software and gets you over the learning curve fast.
Patti's Beyond the Basics advanced workbook
7570 SM
Korff's Using built-in SM Sofware to digitize
Niederman's Pfaff Card 57 directions

General Information

**Purchasing a Machine**
Toni Osborne How to buy a SM
Wholesale Blue Book


The Embroidery Mall
Thread brand conversion

Embroidery Unit

Backing up stitches 1k
Paulson's Thread breaks in mid design 43k
Card #1 alpha over a design 1k

 Digitizing Tips

Ilene Black A & B fill study

Auto Trace
A-Fill 10k
B-Fill area not recognized 1k

Best B-Fill 26k

Lisa Fowler Angle Wheel 26k
Lea Brown Fill Stitches 17k
How to use color bar 1k
Maximum stitches 1k
Sizing PICTs&BMPs for PCD 1k
Tie offs bewteen colors 1k

Internet & Pfaffies

Mailing Lists, Boards, News Groups:

Old Pfaff Pforum for old metal Pfaffsnew 2/8/06

Pfaff 2100 series & VIP list
Amy Webster's Pfaff DigiBuddies
Pfaffpfriends mailing list
All Pfaff related lists on Yahoo


Cheap hoop it all 9k
Basting PCS's for 120/80
Hooping & stabilizers 6k
Pfaff Big Oval hoop instruction

Tips on hooping
Cheap hoop transparencies
Aligning a split file 1k
Paulsons' Combining designs
Joan Laubach Splitting designs 5k
D. Newren BH +autotrace 5k
Jody Coffing Designing for BH 3k


card malfunction1k
Communications 2100 series<->Mac or here (membership on lists needed)
Pfaff password removal
B. Brothers SM communication Pc users
Balancing Maxi's illustrated
Amy Webster's SM Communication for XP PC users

 Freeware, Shareware & commercial software


Digitizing Software
Embroidery i2 (Mac OS X) new 4/5/08

McStitch (Mac OS X & PC) new 1/28/06
Punto (Mac OSX)

Old original Pfaff Software:
PC Designer for Mac OS9 and for Windows

OS9 on Intel Macs
ways to run Classic on Intel Mac's new 6/5/06

software (cont'd)

Billie Finney (Mac OS 9) freeware:
MacConverter(DSTtoPCS) 30k

Convert it (OSX Lion)   new 6/2012
StitchArtist  OSX Yosemite

Steve Hirshman (PC) free trail
 SewWhat now includes digitized outline lettering
SewCat catalogs embroidery files on HDD, CD's etc.

BMP sizer & positioner
Basic Frame& Image Planner