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Lace Vest Collage

Photos by Bill Milner, guard dog protection by Mac This vest was hooped and sewn on two layers of bridal tulle with a layer of water soluable stabilizer on the top and the bottom. I used Maderia's Burmilana (acrylic/wool blend) thread and white bobbin thread. Eliminate side seams of vest when planning pattern so that design won't be interrupted by seam. The only seam will be at the shoulders. I basted with 2" stitches, all layers together around perimeter and down center back of the large rectangle (allow at least 2" extra larger all around than actual vest pattern size.)

On top layer of water soluable stabilizer, trace vest pattern outline and sketch out your embroidery design with a blue water soluable pen.

Cut out fashion fabric leaves (I used tone on tone white and cream fabrics) and insert them in between two layers of tulle with forceps. A dot of stick glue kept them from shifting.

Select embroidery stitches that are not dense (or use sewing machine software to change density of stitches if you have that capability). Size 90/14 needle and tension set to buttonhole setting.

Stitches used to create lace:

- Straight utility stitch that goes back and forward (Pfaff 1475/7750-#4/#1) used as vein on fabric leaves
- Buttonhole stitch ((Pfaff 1475/7750--#14/#12) used to edge fabric leaves
- End of leaf scroll (Pfaff 1475/7750-#44/#155)
- Eyelet-looking stitch (Pfaff 1475/7750-#156/#49)
- Dogwood flower (Maxi Pfaff 1475-#200) - Feather vine (Pfaff 1475/7750-#116/#126)

from Prodigy Pfaff stitch collection

- Open scallop stitch #827
- Leaf vine stitch #1023
- Fleur d'lies stitch #370

Austrian lead crystals and glass beads were added to center of eyelet stitches. I found a 7" spring embroidery hoop easy to re-position hoop to a new part of fabric. Since you do not actually cut out the vest until all embroidery work is finished there is no problem getting hoop in shoulder areas and edges of vest. Use seam sealant along all edges of vest BEFORE cutting out vest.

Cu of lace   shoulder of vest

jacket Polar Fleece Jacket
An original design jacket. Single button closure is made from ultra suede for theAntler button. Hoffman batik fabric used as facing. Ultra suede strips cut with "wavy" blade rotary cutter. Wavy strips were used as a flat piping in armscyes. Bear applique over pocket is also of a Hoffman fabric with a "sun" stitch (Pfaff 1475/7750-#44/#155) and angular satin stitched graphic lines to complete bear detail.

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