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 dog w/ blanket

  Dachshunds (also known as Teckels, Dachels, or Dachsels) originated in Germany. These dogs were orginally bred to hunt badgers.

Dachsie's short legs and long bodies allow them to easily make their way through the badger's tunnels. They love to hunt outdoors and this instinct follows them indoors, where they love to burrow through blankets.

 Mac 'n Tosh can be found summer or winter, sleeping under their Teckel DeckeŠ (Dachshund blanket). I have now made them one for each room in the house.

 laundry doggie

 Blanket washing day is exciting for Mac. He waits til I open the dryer door, so he can pluck out his own blanket, never taking a towel or rug by mistake. Tosh has no interest in laundry day.

Short Videos (when movie window opens make it smaller for a sharper image video)

Clark enters the Wiener Dog Races

Clark enjoys a beautiful summer day

Clark's Winter Delights are fluffy snow and eating birdseed

Clark cheers Lewis on as she goes after their favorite tennis ball..in the pool.

Brother Clark looks on as silly Lewis smells the kitty and thinks York is in the dryer.

Lewis and Clark in the kitchen chasing a tennis ball. Poor Lewis never gets the ball.

Roxie and Lewis engage in puppy wrestling

Lewis and Clark encounter something new in the house--a pillow!

Photo Gallery

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                  Clark loves carrots

Lewis & Clark n' Mac loving that body heat.


Lewis loves the fluffy snow

Mac looking at rock M & T sniffing sand

At the Beach

Dachsies are very curious creatures. Sometimes investigations warrant swimming out to a suspicious rock. On other occassions two sniffers are needed to identify an unusual lump of sand.

Mac n' Tosh always hope that"Goforaride?" includes the beach.

Tosh going swimming

Tosh especially enjoyed late afternoon hunting (when it's not so hot). Hunting lizards takes constant vigilance. Sometimes those critters can sneak up from behind, jump out of trees or bite a nose exploring bushes!

Tosh on the hunt

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