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Sawko files (aka Lace designs -- pcd, pcq and pcs)

This archive contains the lace files in the folder "Sawko Aesop's Animals", the files she refers to in her article in the July-August 1997 issue of Creative Needle in the folder "Sawko Filtre", and the crazy quilt stitches in the folder "Sawko Hand" Special thanks to Billie Finney for converting to the Mac format.</P>

Sashiko stitch.pcd use PCtoMAC to convert

PC Designer for the Mac

PC Designer for the Mac ver. 2.2.  OS 9 required.  OS 10.4 is the last OS that Classic OS9 could be installed on.  PC  Designer requires a special PFAFF cable to connect from computer to embroidery unit on sewing machine (now a days these are VERY hard to come across!) Keyspan USA28X serial to USB adapter and OS9 Keyspan driver is needed with newer computers which still can run Classic. 

Vikant's Ultimate Box is one of several reader writer box options if you do not have the Pfaff cable to transfer designs from your laptop onto your PCMCIA card. As far as I know the software for these devices is PC that means you need to have "Virtual PC" or other PC operating system on your Mac.

PC Designer for the PC computer

Windows PC Designer  Windows 7 does not work with  PCD-Win software, it is Win 3.1 software.  The newer computers don't have serial ports anymore so you must have a USB to serial converter.  IOGear (GUC232A) usb to serial adaptor; Belkin F5U103,  Keyspan USA 19UW,  Keyspan USA 19HS. Get an old, cheap laptop that runs Windows 98. So far, PCD-Win works with all Windows operating systems through Vista, except Windows NT and 2000

There are some PC/windows computers that just could not ever communicate with PCD-Win. No matter the settings, the com port, right USB to serial adapter, etc.  The Windows 7+ computers are too fast for the slower old PCD software. Often trying a different old computer may get communication with the sewing maching...that is if you just happen to have an extra one on hand!

Prodigy pcq/pcd for the Mac

This 1mb Macintosh file contains .pcd and .pcq stitch files (an embroidery frame is not used) for use with 1475 to 7570 Pfaffs. I obtained these public domain stitches while a member of Prodigy 1991-1993. The index is included as a text file. Authors were credited where possible. Photo below shows 4 embroideries of the hundreds in this collection. Index only 21kb


close up of vest shoulder

 <--- See the completed lace vest and how it was done.


d/l Prodigy files in PC format from Missi's Skeldale House Designs new 8/14/2008

In Memory of Billie: 8/14/99 Billie Finney OS 9 PCtoMACv3.0, a freeware program.

PCto Mac will translate design (+9mm and maxi) files to and from for the Pfaff sewing machine models 1475, 7550, 7560, and 7570 between the format required by the Macintosh version of the program PC-Designer and that required by the Microsoft Windows version. The program will run on any Mac with a cpu version 68020 or later, using System 7.0 or higher. There are no sound events and no floating point arithmetic to demand elaborate equipment. Warning - PCto MAC does not translate Tajima or Melco commercial format files ( see MacConverter for Tajima translation), nor does it translate files prepared for the Viking 1+ or POEM.