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1/8/2012  Clark continues to enjoy all the same fun things in life...his wheels just help him do it faster!


2/23/08 This is the 1st time Clark's legs have moved when in the cart. The question is if this is the beginning of spinal walking or are the nerves regenerating? It's exciting either way.  It turns out this was a classic example of how reflex actions work when stimuli of cold is experienced.  One leg will lift up to get avoid the "noxious" stimulus, causing the other leg to go to the ground.  A very good explanation of how this works in this graphic tutorial:

1/1/08 No signs of neuro functions returning yet. Clark just continues to take delight in everyday things: fluffy snow and eating bird seed.


5/26/2007 Clark enjoying perfect summer days. He still does ROM and PTs 3x daily.

4/4/07 Video of Clark scooting around the house wearing his butt padding.

3/21/07 Practicing wheelies on the front lawn

3/21/07 Clark completed crate rest. Added to his normal therapies and exercises is a daily 5 minute workout on his Eddie's Wheels going up and down the hallway in the house. Next week he'll graduate to 10 minutes/day outdoors in the front yard.

3/19/2007 Clark can stand on all fours for 8 minutes. Continuing bath tub water therapy, standing weight shifting, ROM and passive exercises.

3/13/07 Clark has 8 more days of crate rest. His back legs can now hold his standing weight for approx. 1 minute. I am hoping he will one day walk again but if that is not be, I can deal with that...he's still my happy, fun loving, spirted boy either way.

2/27/07 This is Clark's 5th week of bedrest, 3 more weeks to go. While doing this morning's PT, this is the first time Clark has been able to hold his weight while doing squats. 279 kb mov

1/24/07 This picture shows where the fracture (in green) happened Jan 24 and in red where part of the vertebra had been removed in order to access the ruptured disc during Jan 11 surgery. The bottom illustration shows what the Jan 24 MRI revealed a "fracture of the dorsal lamina of L1 noted compressing the spinal cord. Additionally, the L2 lamina was luxated [out of joint/dislocated] ventrally also compressing the spinal cord." No deep pain was present. Surgery was performed by neuro-surgeons Dr. Hicks, Dr. Chen, Dr. Wininger, Washington State Univeristy Vet School. Metal implants were used with bone cement to restabilize the fractured L1 spine.

1/11/07. Left hemilaminectomy on L1-4 discs with deep pain present.


10/6/06 Four-year old Clark diagosed with IVDD. Right hemilamenectomy surgery on T12-L1 with deep pain present. He had the ability to walk with support at the hospital. After 6 weeks of crate rest at home, his gait was normal. The couch and porches had ramps put in. Clark was featured in the WSU newsletter



° Review of wheelchairs
° Cart dogs, another view
° Considerations:picking a wheelchair

A professionally-made cart is likely to be much better than a homemade cart in regard to pressure points, balance & stability. Be careful where the yoke/ harness sits on your dog, you do not want to cause pain or further injury with an IVDD dog. Check with your vet or other professional.

° Dogs to Go! Under $100 for under 65 lbs dogs.
° Manufacturers & homemade carts
° homemades
° $20 homemade doxie wheelchair with CU photos Read thru the replies for more tips on making the cart.
Teddy's Cart
° Greg Martin's homemade cart NOTE: carts are for a couple of hours of use not 24/7.  

Exercise - therapy

° Clark's passive crate rest PT MOVIE 4 mins. Covers hind leg joints, squats, and massage. Check with your vet or physical therapist *before* trying any therapy on your dog.
° DodgersList article on Massage and passive therapy during crate rest
Acupressure -never on a fresh herniation & after crate rest is complete. Check with your vet first
° Wiki Physical therapy for paralysis (how to do, tips, how long to continue)
° Swim therapy
° Water therapy article


The Journey
 When you bring a pet into your life, you begin a journey...
Pet loss grief site




Financial Aid

° Credit Care

° Disabled Dachshund Society Assn Disolved 12/31/07

Expressing poop & pee   
° Expressing Clark (bladder & bowels)
° What's is like to express a dog's bladder?
° Expressing bowels
° Expressing doxie movie
° Bowel & Bladder techniques in managing
° step by step with photos
Anatomy of urogenital system
° Checklist of crate rest supplies to have on on hand
° Solid 2"(20"x25") memory Foam mattress 4lb density. $24.33 + $8 ship, custom sizes
° Pet Palace bed, premium pad for incontenence
° FortressPetCrates ex-pens and wire crates good prices!
° pH strips 80 for$8.99
° Kuddle Kot's Easy access pet bed  
° Indoor ramp movie, photo & how-to make
° This old house ramp
° K. Anderson's homemade ramp
° J. Soliday's homemade ramp
° custom FoamOnLine
° Thefoamguys
° Solvit Ramps
--Stollers & Slings
° How to choose a pet stroller
° Pet Strollers group, check "files" for reviews by brand/model
° Homemade Slings:
Sir Lyon Puff''s sweatshirt sling
Sabaka Sling,
Chelsea's sling,
Copper's Sling

Meds Information

A must do: look up each med you are giving your dog..
° Mar Vista Animal Center
Medline Plus 


° Care for incontinent dog
° Amy's no-sew diapers
° Wraps, diapers, harness for tiny dogs
° Article on diapers & wraps
° Slee-pee Time bed
° Kuranda bed w/ vinyl weave option
° Pros and Cons diapers/wraps
° Pattern for Clark's Wrap
° reusable Pooch pads, bed, diaper, wraps
° Absorbant washable reusable pet pads
° Diapers & wraps great tips and how to makes
° claims not to pull down their rear end!
°Piddle Pants
° Diaper coat custom for doxies
° wraps, diapers
° More homemade incontenence aids and ideas


Health & Hygiene

° UCDavis Brushing teeth
° How to brushing photos
° Dental care
° Ear cleaning
° WSU Nail Trimming


° Spine: Myelography, CT or MRI?
° Dr Degner on Myelogram, CT & MRI
° UTI: How to Diagnose and Treat
° Urinary Tract Infection Sept 04
° Bladder Infection
° Liver disease: Diagnostic Evaluation
° Understanding urinalysis numbers
° How to read lab tests
° Accupuncture
° Disc Disease
° Dr. Borgens research: electrical stimulation & PEG

Steroid Blasting with Solu-Medrol, Dex not used anymore

° Steroid Blasting- Chrisman DVM, MS, EdS , U of FL A controversial aggressive emergency treatment of spinal cord trauma using IV SoluMedrol by Dr. Chrisman [n.d.]
° Paraparesis and paraplegia RM Clemmons, DVM, U of FL
° details on NSAIDs and steroids used in IVDD new 1/23/08





Board Certified specialist locators:
° ACVIM's list of neuro specialists/surgeons
° ACVS's list of board certified surgeons
° Calcified Discs what they mean
Comprehensive articles on Disc Disease
° U of Illinois on IVDD
° Information processing in the spinal cord
° Explanation of chondrodystrophy, short legged dwarfism of doxies
° J. Dieden, DVM -Deciding on surgery or not
° Braund's Clinical Neurology in Small Animals: Localization, Diagnosis and Treatment Disk Disease
°Am. College of Vet. Surgeons on IVDD
° Canine Intervertebral Disk Disease illustrated anatomy, herniation, symptoms of disease, diagnosis, nursing care, surgery, physiotherapy.

° Dr. Degner on slipped discs + after surgery FAQ, prognosis, post-op care, BM's vomiting, pain, not eating
° Gulf Coast Vet Spec on IVDD photos of IVDD symptoms, what's involved with surgery and after.
° WSU on medical or surgery pg2
° "Are there options for paralyzed pets? "Clark's first surgery at WSU on page 4. Dr. Hicks, Neuro-Surgeon.
° WSU Intervertebral Disk Disease info
° Long Bch Animal Hospital on IVDD
° IVDD Cheryl L. Chrisman, DVM, MS, EdS , U of FL
° Horner on "Repairing the spinal cord from within" Apr 2006 1 hr video
° Ten frequently asked questions concerning cure of spinal cord injury by Dr. Wise Young, 30 years in research at Rutger 11/23/07
° Articles about SCI by Dr. Wise Young
Alternative Treatment
° Alternative treatment with Adequan
° Weiner Dog Diet, RM Clemmons, DVM, U of FL  
° Neuropathy, pain from nerve damage, self-mutilation. A collection of notes on the topic.
°WSU Pain and Spinal Cord Injury pain caused by abnormal signals of a spinal cord injury: types, treatments, medications  
  Graphics and animation
° Graphic of various disc problems
° Animation of a disc herniation
° Anatomy of vertebrae & cord
° UC Davis Brochure includes color photos of discs disease
° 5 questions before surgery




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Clark's Progress
Drug & Meds look-up
Expressing poop & pee
Financial help
Food & Nutrition
Garments for protection
Hygiene/1st Aid
Incontinence Aids
Medical Literature

Intervertebral Disc Disease



Why is it soooo... important to buy a pup with the right pedigree to lessen chances of IVDD?

For the savy puppy buyer

Please help get the word out. Leave copies at vet, pet shops, etc.
° 1 in 5 dachshunds back problems
° 1 de cada 5 perros salchicha tiene problemas de columna

Start here

Dodgerslist message board Don't feel like you're alone, come join!

Dodgerslist readings on caring for an IVDD dog.

• How to do crate rest

Emergency signs Put on your fridge

Questions to ask vet/surgeon

What to expect before, during and after surgery

Watch Tabby get on with life.

Frankie the walk n'roll dog: always know all things are possible

° See wheelchair doxie competes in wiener dog race.

Food and Nutrition

° Supplements helpful for IVDD dogs   
° What's really in pet food
° Rate your dog's food
° Digestion & Dog Anatomy
° Compare brands side by side
° How to pick a good dog food
° Nutritional statements
° Dog feeding info
° Food: What difference does it make?
° Recipies for balanced cooked diet
° Ideal weight chart

Garments for Protection

° Clark's BumPad for frog-like scooters.
° Ollie's cape for dogs that drag their legs new 7/09
° Murphy's scooters for dogs that drag their legs behind. Mid way on page.
° Do it yourself rear leg protection
° mobility suits for legs that drag behind.
° Protect a Pet
° NexCare water proof spray bandage to keep urine off the skin
° Therapaw boots
° Simple Solution diaper garment
Doxie Delight Harness vest-like design transfers most of the stress from the neck to the chest area
• Pawmark Surefit Harness. Double shoulder snaps for easy on and off
° Outward Hound life vest for swim therapy 
Traction Aids
° Easy boot pattern and & how train dog to use boots.
° Anti-slip spray for paw traction on slippery floors. Can be very messy and not allow the foot to breathe.
Paw Pads
° Natural Rubber Dog boots



° Should you buy insurance?
° Is this an option for your pet?
° covers hereditary diseases with no $$ or time limits per condition